1. I left for the airport and Montreal for a work trip at 12:30pm on Friday.
    It took me nine hours total to get here. A LONG day!
  2. Wrote in Admirals Club at RDU while waiting for delayed flight.
    It was 2pm and EVERYONE was drinking. What is it about airports? Guy at next table downed two whiskey sours in ten minutes.
  3. I caved on first flight and had wine.
    Also watched season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, finally. Yes, I am still watching that show. I'll turn the lights out when it's done. I am like that.
  4. Got to Toronto. Tight connection. A bit buzzed. Whoops.
    Got through customs, but never travel internationally and didn't realize I had to go through security again. Had a water in my bag. THE SHAME of a rookie mistake. I fly a lot, I swear!
  5. Ran for gate. Had to pee so badly thought if I DID make it, bladder might explode during takeoff. What a way to go.
  6. Missed flight. Made it to bathroom.
    Thank God.
  7. Got put on standby for next flight.
    Had a turkey sandwich while I waited. The turkey sandwich is my go-to airport food. Only thing better is the turkey wrap.
  8. Got on flight to Montreal. On Canadian airlines they don't let you wear headphones until cruising altitude.
    But you CAN be plugged into their entertainment system, so you'll still hear announcements.
  9. Read a lot while waiting to watch Grey's.
    I'm deep into ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, which is heavy for travel. Or really, anytime. Good, though.
  10. Got to Montreal. So tired I almost forgot to pick up my suitcase.
    Luckily Irving, whose wife Penny is in charge of me here, reminded me. Thanks, Irving!
  11. Rode with Penny and Irving to hotel. Montreal looked pretty but it was dark and I was exhausted.
  12. Got to room. Ordered another sandwich. Went to bed. It was 11pm.
  13. Now it's Sunday! Where should I eat??