Not a complete list.
  1. The Simple Habit App.
    I have tried to meditate regularly MANY times and not succeeded. But this app is REALLY good and has all kinds of options, everything from a basic timer to very specific topics. The premium costs but free trial is worth a shot if, like me, you are feeling much less calm lately.
  2. Restaurants that give a good pour.
    I might be a lush---okay, I probably am---but I really hate it when I order a glass of wine and they send it out less than half full. Can you use a smaller glass, just to make me feel like I'm getting a full one? Or just make a double an option? This might just be my issue, and now I'm feeling awkward for bringing it up. Moving on!
  3. The English Beat radio station on Spotify. Psychedelic Furs, The Specials, and many more.
    Which I am listening to now, as I write this list, with a healthy glass of wine I poured myself beside me. Oops, just made it awkward again.
  4. When my little dog jumps into my lap in the morning as I sit reading the news, and my blood pressure immediately drops. (At least it feels that way.)
    Img 5143
  5. The fact that the Avett Brothers exist, because their music is getting me through lately.
    Especially these lines from "True Sadness," which I repeat to myself as I sit reading the news with my dog in my lap. (The Avetts are up for a Grammy tomorrow night and if they win I might cry, just fair warning.)
  6. Harry Potter.
    Okay, I am SO late to this game, I know. But I'm reading the books to my kid at bedtime and we're up to The Order of the Phoenix and I find myself getting all verklempt almost every night as I read. Oh, my heart.