Friday, am I right?
  1. Ran two miles while watching end of the Real Housewives of Orange County finale.
    Does Brooks have cancer? Why does this concern me so much?
  2. Meditated, badly, as mind was racing. But I tried. Hopefully effort counts.
  3. Wanted to eat second breakfast but resisted. This was HARD.
    I am still thinking about the egg sandwich or bagel that could have been. It's 6:15pm.
  4. Wrote about a page of something that made me really happy even though no one will probably ever see it.
    That actually is part of the happy: for now, it's all mine.
  5. Went to Saks because I have several work events coming up and nothing to wear. Everything looked bad on me.
    Basically the boxy shirt/sweater thing that's in fashion right now is my kryptonite.
  6. Ended up buying two pairs of shoes that were entirely too expensive and now feel totally anxious about it.
  7. But I can't return them because salesperson clearly thought I couldn't afford them in first place, so do I want to prove her right?
    Jesus, is everyone this neurotic? Oh, don't answer that, I know it's just me.
  8. Went to dinner at 5pm with my parents at their retirement community.
    Brought my eight year old, which basically made me a celebrity.
  9. Got home by 6:30, poured a glass of wine, exhaled happily.