It's literally been only a day.
  1. Go to bed at 9:45pm or earlier.
    The dogs are confused, as they normally are up much later. Too bad! Mama needs her rest.
  2. Have pizza and Chinese food for dinner.
    Husband has high cholesterol and follows Atkins Diet. Dust has barely settled in driveway behind his truck before I am drowning myself in carbohydrates.
  3. Watch Grey's Anatomy.
    He swore it off back with Izzy and the ghost sex, along with most of my friends.
  4. Take care of multiple lizards and pray they survive his absence.
    He breeds them. Caretaking is serious pressure, folks. (Pic here is just a mere sampling of his collection.)
  5. Deal with chickens, some of which refuse to go in coop at dark so I must grab and hurl them.
    Dammit, Fran. Really? Also, I slipped in mud/chicken poop right after taking this shot and busted my ass. *sighs*
  6. Have very little social interaction unless it is absolutely necessary.
    I'm the introvert in this couple, believe it or not.
  7. Eagerly await his return.
    Married almost 16 years, we met in high school. Not every second is great (who gets that?) but he's still my favorite.