She's eight.
  1. Why some people are mean.
    She had her first real bully encounter last week and it blew her mind. I guess I should be grateful it took so long? I told her not everyone is nice, but we are.
  2. Why people go to church.
    We do not, and live in South where we often feel like minority because of it. I told her some people like to believe someone is looking out over us, and they go to church to celebrate that. I know! It was the best I could come up with on the spot.
  3. Why I won't pet her new lizard, Melanie.
    Because I don't want to! Go ask your dad, he's the lizard lover!
  4. Why I won't tell her what the book I'm working on is about.
    Because 1) I never tell anyone when a book is in progress and 2) even if I did, I stink at summarizing my books. I'm all like, "Well, there's this girl, and..." People tune out, even when they do not have attention span of 2nd grader.
  5. Why I have been muting GMA lately in the mornings.
    I tell her it's cause I am too busy to watch. Really, do not want to explain terrorism/mass shootings/why I wince whenever they show Trump.
  6. Why I am sure dogs Monkey and Coco really in heaven looking down over us.
    Because I just am. Next question.