Education is important.
  1. There are a lot of things about parenting that you never even come CLOSE to considering when you are all pregnant and rubbing your belly while reading What to Expect When You Are Expecting.
    Can't go into more detail, just trust me on this.
  2. If your washing machine suddenly won't start, maybe check the GFI button BEFORE you try every single fix people swear will work on YouTube.
    These included turning it off and on while hitting buttons and opening/shutting door 6 times in 12 seconds. Yes, I am a moron.
  3. All it really takes to make a bar go from a place you really like hanging out to one you will never go again is a lousy, pretentious bartender.
    I HAD mentioned to him that there were multiple typos on their menu, so the pretentious feeling is probably mutual. But this is a college town! Spelling counts!
  4. Even if you have 12 published books and have been in the business for twenty years, you WILL go into an anxiety spiral when you realize your newest is coming out in less than two months.
    Also you will assume everyone will hate it and, of course, hate you. This thought is most prevalent between 2:10-3am, when you have to be up at 6.
  5. Some things are really worth the Weight Watchers points. Others are just NOT.
    Looking at you, very small bag of baked Cheddar and Sour Cream ruffles.
  6. Even when things seem SUPER dark, something really good can happen that gives you hope.
    Yes, my Tarheels DID win the National Championship on Monday night after a humiliating loss at the buzzer last year. I'm holding it tight like a sign, probably too tight.
  7. No matter the choices you make or stupid stuff you do, your dogs will still love you and stick close.
    Thank goodness.