And usually every night, at around the same time.
  1. My career.
    I am writing what I hope will be my 13th novel. I am superstitious. Neurosis ensues.
  2. My parents.
    They are fine. But what about someday?
  3. My kid.
    I began worrying about her the first time I felt her kick in my belly. I will worry about her forever. Parenthood!
  4. Stupid things I have said recently that I am convinced will be taken the wrong way and lead everyone to hate me.
    I only seem to remember these AT two in the morning.
  5. Kanye West, Kesha, Kim Richards from RHOBH.
    I have a problem being codependent with celebrities.
  6. Am I too codependent with celebrities?
  7. What was the name of that guy in the thing?
    In the middle of the night, recalling obscure information seems crucial. If I go crazy enough trying to remember, I'll look it up on my phone, although it means risking waking husband and him asking what the hell I am doing.
  8. The world.
    In general.