Which was in 1996.
  1. "Is it about a girl getting her period?"
    Um, no. Would you want to read 300 pages only about that?
  2. "Are there pictures? Did you draw them?"
    No, and therefore, no.
  3. "Really? Where is your publisher located?"
    I think this is because I live in NC, was 26 when published first book, and people assumed I was running off copies on my back porch.
  4. "You know what you should add to your books? A vampire!"
    We can't all write Twilight.
  5. "I used to love your books!"
    This is more recent, and totally understandable. But it still makes me feel ancient.
  6. "Do you know John Green?"
    I do, and he's lovely.
  7. "When are you going to write something I'd want to read?"
  8. "Why don't you make a movie of your books?"
    I actually had a movie, in 2003, starring Mandy Moore. Would love another, but sadly it is not only up to me.
  9. "How do you keep up with what teens are thinking and feeling?"
    I don't try to. I just know I was miserable in high school, and you can write a lot about that. Apparently.