I have learned to take note.
  1. My daughter crawled into bed with me for a few minutes at 6:10am and we both dozed off. My favorite part of the day, any day.
  2. New Real Housewives of Orange County episode on my DVR when I went to work out!
    Body by Bravo, literally.
  3. Laughed HARD with my husband about his beloved 280Z, which he had to drive to DMV today.
    Me: Is that thing street legal? Him: Well, basically. Me: It doesn't have any side mirrors. Him: Yeah, well, I'm working on that. Me: sighs, audibly. Him: revs engine, scaring all wildlife in five mile vicinity.
  4. My little dog Roxy turned one year old.
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  5. The sun came out after six straight days of rain.
  6. Had my favorite lunch: a homemade turkey sandwich with hummus, peppers and spinach. Which I ate while reading the paper. Perfect.
  7. Nap is a certain my near future.
    Wednesday, I think I love you.