1. Took a nap.
    “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” So says Anne Lamott, and I agree.
  2. I sat and watched my fish for awhile.
    It's like my moment of Zen, when I actually take the time to do it.
  3. Then I threw a bunch of leftovers to my chickens and watched them eat.
    Apparently watching animals eat is helpful to me?
  4. Worked on my novel in progress.
    It's an experiment (as in, not YA, as is every other book I have published) entirely too long and kind of a disaster. Some days, though, writing saves me. Today wasn't that day, but it was worth a shot.
  5. Took a second to give props to this hydrangea, which I am pretty sure is not supposed to be blooming right now but is anyway.
    When you gotta flower, you gotta flower.
  6. Made a point to enjoy my country drive.
    I saw cows, deer and changing leaves. Lots of beauty on an average Monday when you (I) make a point to notice it.
  7. Had a BIG belly laugh with these two jokers.
    Kids are the best, even when blurry.
  8. Did a little retail therapy.
    What? I need clothes. (Okay, not really.)
  9. Made a super healthy salad.
    Vegetables are good for you!
  10. Poured a glass of wine and went to sit by the fire. Tomorrow will be better.
    My mom always said that. She was right.