I've been down with something flu-like since Monday. My kid got a fever last night. We're in this together.
  1. Complained loudly about being sick when it is gorgeous outside.
    A joint activity, ongoing.
  2. Complained about missing P.E. AND chicken nuggets for school lunch because of said sickness.
    This was just her.
  3. Had a UNO tournament. She won.
    Best of three. I did what I could.
  4. Demanded cookies or similar in order to take medicine.
    This was just her. So far.
  5. Argued about who the dog loves more.
    Dog is uninterested in this debate and either of us, keeping her distance.
  6. Had vegetable soup for lunch and tried to spell things.
    Never enough vowels.
  7. Speculated what fun things everyone else who is NOT sick is doing right now.
    But this just depressed us.
  8. Read out loud and quietly on our own.
    Books: the medicine that doesn't stink to take!
  9. Called Grandma to complain.
    She didn't answer. Smart.
  10. Made a list.
    It's only 2:25pm. Now what?