Tripped over my kid, went down hard onto sidewalk. Not EXACTLY how I planned the summer to go, but oh, well.
  1. You really take so much for granted in terms of mobility before you hurt yourself.
    I am a super active person. I run, I do yoga, I do the elliptical. Now even going up and down stairs is hard and, on bad days, kind of hurts. I am sure I will still have to drag myself to work out when this heals, but I will be much more grateful I can do it.
  2. People are very interested about why you are wearing a knee brace.
    When I was just hobbling around for a week, nobody asked me anything. As soon as I got the brace, man in produce aisle at grocery store as giving advice about how to avoid chafing. Got three more comments before I checked out. Also, one "Bless your heart!" but I do live in NC.
  3. Just about everyone winces when you say the words "broken kneecap."
    I think I would, too, if it wasn't me. It's honestly not that painful anymore most days, though. Thank goodness!
  4. Reading magazine articles about being Bikini Body Ready is a worse idea than ever.
    Today I found out that Lea Michele does Soul Cycle fives times a week and Carrie Underwood lives for squats. Meanwhile I am sitting here with a bag of frozen mixed vegetables on my knee, trying not to eat everything in the house.
  5. Speaking of frozen mixed vegetables, they are the best icepacks.
    Peas get mushy. Regular ice leaks. Plus, pretty primary colors to look at! And maybe there's some nutrition absorption happening? (Okay, probably not.)
  6. Really nothing looks cute with a knee brace, so you can just slum it, fashion wise.
    Always look for the upside! (Says the person in shorts and an old t-shirt, a pack of frozen mixed vegetables on her knee.)
  7. I'm getting a lot of work done.
    Maybe I'll dedicate my next book to my kneecap. Or, maybe not....