My book comes out in just over two weeks. I'm basically spinning. Here's what I'm doing to deal with it.
  1. Obsessively ordering clothes for book tour.
    If there's an cute A-line dress at Shopbop, Nordstrom or Saks, I've seen it.
  2. And then returning them when they don't look cute on ME.
    This allows me to obsess over returns tracking, which I can do endlessly. Hello, Newgistics!
  3. Turning around asks from my publicist at breakneck speed.
    She says, "You have until June 5." I hear, "Bet you can't get this done in the next hour!" I know how crazy I look and yet I CANNOT STOP.
  4. Constantly refreshing the listing of investment property we have for sale, in hopes that might somehow overcome the snafu that has it NOT appearing on
    Note: It does not. But it will increase my anxiety about not selling it, with every single click.
  5. Sharing every worry I have with my husband.
    Which has led him to say, "Look, let's do this: if something is worth stressing about, I'll tell you. If I don't say it is, then move on. How about that?"
  6. Ignoring this as he subsequently wilts from exhaustion before my very eyes.
    Sorry, honey.
  7. Alternate between being REALLY excited about book tour and terrified.
    This is usually paired with worrying that when it is over I won't have enjoyed it enough.
  8. Wondering if I should up my meds.
    Shrink says no. Oh, well.
  9. Posting lists that make me look like an absolute nut job.
    CHECK. And now, I have an essay to write super fast before refreshing that listing again.