His name is David and he's the best.
  1. Whether I take my kid with me when I travel for work.
    They know at this place I only get nails done for work stuff. No manicure today!
  2. Whether I am going to have another kid.
    This comes up every time, even though I tell him I am Old. He thinks I need a boy.
  3. His mother.
    She 74, had nine kids (!) and can still break down a chicken in minutes. I could listen to stories about her all day.
  4. Whether the aquarium in Atlanta is good.
    He brought this up after a long lull, apropos of nothing. I was immersed in watching Rachael Ray making enchiladas and had to adjust to subject change.
  5. Whether I know they are open Sundays now.
    A weekly reminder, like the fact I should consider having a boy.
  6. Did I hear the rumor a Wal Mart is coming to town?
    I had not. There has also been whispering about a mini Target, which I shared.
  7. Am I going to dry or just leave?
    I'm known for my impatience. Apparently. I stayed to dry.