It wasn't my best time. TV helped. (FYI, kids: I quit in 1989.)
  1. The Facts of Life.
    This was on weekdays at 6 and 7pm. I have seen every episode---even the later, shoulder-pad heavy ones, with George Clooney--at least three times.
  2. Gimme A Break.
    This was on at 7:30, another part of my nightly block. Nell Carter! I loved her. Kind of wanted to be that loud mouthed little girl she took care of.
  3. Silver Spoons.
    On at 6:30. Ricky Schroeder! Cool rich kid house! And, if I am remembering correctly, early Jason Bateman!
  4. The Bob Newhart Show.
    My friends and I LOVED these reruns. We were like a cult when it came to Bob, especially the scenes with his therapy group.
  5. The People's Court.
    My friend Addison had this running thing about The People's Court Band, which he imagined was just off camera. A keyboard, maybe a guitar, playing that all-business jam as people came into court. I still find this hilarious, all these years later.