I just set aside a book that wasn't working and am now waiting for a new idea. It's basically excruciating.
  1. Read.
    I tell myself this is my job when I am not working. It's a great job, by the way.
  2. Worry a new idea won't come, and consider other careers.
    This week it's been real estate, which I would totally suck at.
  3. Listen to other people tell me what I should write next.
    So far: a memoir, something set in space, a graphic novel about my summer. This last one was from my eight year old.
  4. Try not to hate everyone on Twitter who uses the hashtag #amwriting.
    With mixed results.
  5. Convince myself I have peaked, am old news, and should just put myself out to pasture to make room for new, exciting voices.
  6. Drink more wine than I probably should.
    See item above.
  7. Grumble at my husband/parents/friends/agent/editor when they tell me I do this every single time and it always works out, so I need to just relax and have faith.
  8. Make lists.