My name is Sarah, and I'm nosy about people's reading habits.
  1. Their Kindles.
    Which makes it really hard to be nosy.
  2. A Nicolas Sparks paperback.
    It had a flag on the cover (I think?). Reader was girl, early 20s.
  3. The Luckiest Girl In The World.
    Also by a girl in her 20s, wearing a cover up I totally covet. Not that this has to do with anything.
  4. An Island Dreamer.
    Older woman was reading this, a paperback with a flowery cover. Swam across pool to check title but would have had to get uncomfortably close to see author.
  5. An Introduction To Finance.
    Man in swim trunks who appeared as miserable as you'd expect a person reading a textbook on vacation to look.
  6. Modern Lovers by Emma Straub.
    That would be me! Except for every other second, when my kid is yelling at me to watch her do wobbly handstands.