Not that you asked.
  1. Just fixed myself a glass of Chardonnay and a small bowl of Cheetos.
    The best possible combo, especially after a bumpy week.
  2. Debating, again, whether to take a social media hiatus.
    It's really about Twitter for me. I love it so much. As someone who works alone, at home, it's always been my water cooler and favorite form of procrastination. But the election stuff has me SO STRESSED and there's just a lot of conflict lately. But every time I say I am going to quit, I cave in seconds. But maybe this time?
  3. Wondering who thought it was a good idea to try to write a non-YA, contemporary fiction book.
    This current opus is 400 pages and not even close to being done. I am so far out of my wheelhouse i can't even tell you what a wheelhouse is. And yes, I know it was my idea. *sighs*
  4. Feeling EXTREMELY grateful I have a finished YA novel due out next summer.
    Wheelhouses are good.
  5. Worrying about our turtles, Jim and Pam.
    One of them (Jim?) has been very blah lately, sitting on his basking rock all the time without getting into the water. I'm a little codependent.
  6. Thinking about what we will watch on TV in the period my cousin Miranda coined "The After," as in after my kid is down to sleep.
    Lately, we are REALLY into seasons of America's Worst Cook on Netflix. Also there is currently a celebrity version with a Real Housewife! I mean, COME ON.
  7. Probably drinking this wine and eating these Cheetos faster than I should.
    Like I said, bumpy week.
  8. Looking forward to sleeping.
    This will always be on EVERY list of what I am doing, every day for the rest of my life. Shannon from RHOC understands.