I just finished 14 days of the 10 Percent Happier app. Which I totally recommend, because it will probably be much easier for you. (The book, by @danharris, is also really good.)
  1. When I focus on my breath, I freak out, think I can't breathe and stop breathing. This kind of goes against the whole "follow the breath" thing.
  2. I then beat myself up, because I can't even breathe right.
  3. I am always wondering how much longer I have to go before I am done. The meditation equivalent of "Are we there yet?"
  4. I then tell myself I suck for not being able to be in the moment, ever.
  5. I may have dozed off once or twice. Too relaxed? Too much breathing or lack of it? Discuss.
  6. I never want to do it. Despite the fact that every time, even when I really stink at it, I feel better afterwards. Every. Single. Time.