Or, one reason.
  1. This is my 2017 Moleskine planner.
    I bought it right after new year began, with intent to chronicle my life, be more organized, maybe even bullet journal.
  2. So I've had it less than a full month. And you can see I am already losing interest.
    I mean, one reminder and a sloppy Post It does not a bullet journal make.
  3. But I should have seen this coming, even as I plunked down cash to buy this.
    It WAS 50% off, thanks to waiting until new year to get it.
  4. Why should I have known this would happen?
  5. Because this...
    ...is my 2016 Moleskine planner. I lasted until March then.
  6. But I didn't START that year until February.
    Upside: planner must have been basically free so discounted by then.
  7. Will I do this again NEXT year? Or have I finally learned my lesson?
  8. Unclear. However my 2015 Moleskine planner is also around here somewhere.
    I'm just too embarrassed to look for it.