All organizations to which I have donated in the past and plan to donate in the future. I will update this list as I find more organizations I am passionate about.
  1. The Malala Fund The Malala Fund, started by Malala Yousafzai, aims to ensure every girl has free, safe, and quality access to at least 12 years of education so that they can achieve their potential and become positive change makers in the community. They are working to achieve this goal through a combination of advocacy for resources and policy changes and investment in local leaders and organizations that are delivering quality education for girls.
  2. Outreach360 Outreach360 envisions a world in which every child is able to pursue a college degree or be gainfully employed upon reaching adulthood. The organization provides free learning centers in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic staffed by a combination of weekly volunteers and a continuous local staff which focus on critical job skills such as literacy, English, and soft skills. This allows local kids to reach their full potential and live a life of choice.