An open letter to the man who currently has my stethoscope dangling from his ears as he dictates a chart.
  1. I see you.
  2. I know my scope is hella fancy.
  3. I knew a black and gold scope was the ish, that's why I decided to get that color combo.
  4. It's got my name on it, so don't think you can walk away with it.
    Not saying you will. But. Just. Remember it's there, mmkay?
  5. Now I've got to clean your earwax out of it.
    Not looking forward to that.
  6. This is why you don't leave your things on the desk when you go to lunch.
  7. My neck feels naked. Can I just say loudly, "hmmm, I wonder where my stethoscope is?" and see if you'll take it off?