Feeling nostalgic
  1. Junior Kindergarten
    We used to sit on the carpet for story time and such and one day I was talking too loud and my teacher made me leave the carpet and sit on a chair. I never spoke again (that's a lie).
  2. Senior Kindergarten
    I broke my leg skating and got to sit on a chair instead of the carpet and realized that it's actually a lot more comfortable than the floor. I also got a lot of special treatment so that was cool.
  3. Grade One
    One of my classmates stated that he was ten years old, in which I replied "no you're not, you're six!" Apparently the word six sounded a lot like the word sex and I got in trouble for a brief few minutes before they realized I had no idea what they were talking about.
  4. Grade Two
    We were creating a Venn Diagram of the class and their siblings. Brothers wrote their name in the left circle, sisters wrote in the right circle, if you had both you wrote where they intersected, and if you had neither your name went outside the circles. No one wrote their name outside the circles which made me embarrassed to say I was an only child so I wrote my name in the right circle. I told the class I had a sister named Nala, in which my friend replied "No you don't Sarah, that's your cat"
  5. Grade Three
    During Christmas, our teacher decided to have our class do Secret Santa. We all picked a name out of a hat and we had a few weeks to pick out a gift. When the day came to exchange gifts everyone unwrapped really cool toys/games/accessories. I excitedly unwrapped mine only to see a tub of hot chocolate powder. I went home and cried because I was sad that that was all I got. I now realize that was the most logical, delicious gift I could've ever received. Thanks Nick.
  6. Grade Four
    I was in a portable. A lot of kids in the class began mysteriously losing pencils. Being the nice kid that I was I would always lent them one because I always came prepared with a few extras. This eventually backfired and people began accusing me of stealing their pencils. It got to the point where the teacher grabbed my pencil case and took me outside to question every pencil inside. Through tears, I responded to each questioned pencil with "I don't know, my mom gave them to me"
  7. Grade Five
    During class, a few friends and I were playing that game were you have to say "penis" louder than the person before you each time. We eventually got caught and we had to write detailed letters to our parents explaining what we did and get them to sign it. When I showed my teacher the letter beforehand it specifically said the word "penis" but before giving it to my parents I changed it to "body parts". When they asked I said "yeah we just yell out random body parts". They bought it.
  8. Grade Six
    I used to talk a lot in school (still do but I've recently learned what whispering is). This year it got to the point where the teacher put my desk alone at the very back corner of the classroom aka Sarah's Island. This caused me to get up a lot to talk to my friends around the room. The teacher, sick of my shit, eventually sent me out of class altogether and put me in a grade one class to eat lunch in which I was forced to be controlled by younger lunch monitors who made my life a living hell.
  9. Grade Seven
    In school I took the indoor/outdoor shoes policy as a suggestion. One day during class my friend came into the room and said "Hey Sarah, your shoes are in the washroom". When I asked if I could go get them I was refused and told "I can get them after class" after making a big deal about it they agreed to let someone go grab them because they were in the boys bathroom and when they went back they were in the toilet. I never brought a second pair of shoes to school again.
  10. Grade Eight
    We had to do an in class assignment on friendship and hand it in before recess. Being the lazy, distracted student I am, I ended up talking to some people who had already finished and totally forgot about it. When it was time to hand it in I wrote my name at the top and handed the blank page to my teacher. She later asked me to stay inside at lunch because she wanted to talk to me. She ended up spending the whole 45 minute lunch recess questioning me because she thought I didn't have friends.