I can't say that 2015 was the best year, and I also can't say it was the worst. But, I can definitely say it was unforgettable.
  1. January
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    I hurt my back and passed out in the shower in Cuba and was taken to this creepy (most likely haunted) hospital, that looked more like a 1920s asylum. This was a picture from my trip in the "ambulance"
  2. February
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    Media Arts film fest. Our film, Il Multiplo, was about a news reporter who goes into an asylum to interview the woman about a missing patient. Spoiler alert: The reporter had multiple personalities and everyone she interviewed was actually herself. She was one of the patients
  3. March
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    Took a trip to Italy and Greece during March break. My phone broke near the beginning of the trip and the only picture that was recovered was me trying to pinch the Acropolis between my fingers.
  4. April
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    I got a selfie stick and took it everywhere.
  5. May
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    I met the queen, Jenna Marbles, at YouTube Fan Fest. Although we had a giant fence between us we talked for a few minutes and touched hands.
  6. June
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    Graduated high school. Even though they forgot to let my University know that I graduated and I got revoked for a short period of time... It's a long story.
  7. July
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    Canada Day. Squad pic'd with Derik (Virginia to Vegas). Got to see my favourite person, Alyssa Reid (not pictured)
  8. August
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    Let's go to the Ex! Jk, it provokes too many arguments.
  9. September
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    Started University at Guelph-Humber. I think it's crazy that I was just in high school three months prior. I was not ready.
  10. October
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    Spent the day downtown with my favourite Cat. Sushi + Kinky Boots = the greatest combo ever.
  11. November
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    Us ft. Halsey. At 5am we were complete strangers and by 5pm you'd think we've known each other forever. They definitely came into my life at a time I needed them most, I just didn't know it until it happened.
  12. December
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    Not really a picture but I needed to add her in somewhere because I don't think I would have made it through 2015 without her. @Debby gave me so much strength this year. She was my light in the darkest of times. 2016 is going to be so good to her I can feel it already. Thank you. (Also she thinks I'm dope and I think that's dope)