The first ten songs that come up on my iTunes when I hit shuffle. No skipping. I'm scared.
  1. Without U
    9a7afe74 ba3a 40bc bd52 9062f8e92c3f
    David Guetta
  2. UR the 1Z
    1730a2ae 24e2 4917 88e4 9dfeb59f998d
    Hannah Hart
  3. Lonely Heart
    964b5ae2 4677 4569 8d18 d04629692260
    Alyssa Reid
  4. Summer Girl
    Bb3665d8 c297 4459 933b 47e27a5aecd8
  5. Morning Thoughts
    Ab83cc0c 4f1e 4aae 9ec5 484d19bf238b
    Jillian Jensen
  6. Heavydirtysoul
    8e5a22d2 9899 483f b71e 39d0884726db
    Twenty One Pilots
  7. In The First Place
    80692685 b449 4c90 bb7e c2f173226964
    Tonight Alive
  8. Finally Falling
    5f426511 d98e 41ba aa8d bd3a2ed009a5
    Victorious Cast
  9. Hello, Little Girl
    5abb6de6 ebec 4f1d b24a 0027dbc0993b
    Johnny Depp (motion picture cast)
  10. Phoenix Hearts
    43adf5df 228b 4e94 b68c bcdaa3e475aa
    We The Kings