12:00am - 3:00am (on a good night)
  1. Open Netflix
    This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a half hour.
  2. Scroll through the 'my list' category
    Decide I don't want to watch any of the movies I put in a folder of movies I want to watch.
  3. Check the new releases and recently added categories
    Notice that they're all not new or recently added and move along.
  4. Scroll through the rest of the Netflix categories
    Still nothing.
  5. Convinces self to start binge watching a tv series
    Then realizes it's too late to pay attention and be emotionally invested in a show and continues scrolling.
  6. Looks through computer for older movies
    Still nothing interesting, but throws one on anyways. (1 hour later)
  7. Plays candy crush while the movie that took over an hour to find plays in the background
    If not candy crush then 1010
  8. Posts picture of screen in snapchat story
    Captions it "love this movie"