Music that's getting me through life

Here's some songs I've been listening to lately. Does anyone else feel vulnerable when showing others the music you listen to, or is that just me?
  1. CallMeKarizma - EMO
    I just started listening to this album earlier this week and I'm obsessed. There is so much emotion and passion behind the music and lyrics. If you have a second, I really suggest listening to his music. (I know I said no sad songs in my last list but I can't help it they're SO GOOD)
  2. Lizzo - Coconut Oil
    I've been really into upbeat, empowering songs lately, as I've been working on my happiness. This whole album is great but I wanted to emphasize Good As Hell because that song never fails to put me in a positive mood!
  3. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
    Speaking of empowering songs, I know this is kind of an oldie now but it's one of my favourites. I love when songs make you feel good inside and this is definitely one of them. Just listening to her voice makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. So powerful. If you guys have any songs that make you feel the same way I'd love to hear them because I'm trying to make a playlist!
  4. Paramore - After Laughter
    I'm really enjoying this album. I think upbeat sad songs are cool because they're like "ayee what's up I'm sad too let's party!" That being said, my favourite song is probably Fake Happy.
  5. Katy Perry - Witness
    I know the album is not out yet, but so far I really like this new sound Katy is going for. This girl is not afraid to take risks and I think it's working for her. Her new music makes me feel very powerful and liberated. But also, Katy herself has just been inspiring me and getting me through life lately. I'm proud of her and I'm looking forward to seeing her in September!
  6. Alyssa Reid
    I've been listening to her music for a little over seven years now and without a doubt I can say that she is my favourite artist. Her music has always been there for me and can get me through anything. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of lyrics from one of her songs because it mean so much to me, but I'll save that for another list! Alyssa is super talented and I just really wanted to share her with you, if you haven't heard of her. Check her out if you want!