A verbatim list.
  1. Why are their helmets missing an ear cover?
    Someone kindly answered this question for me, but I still continued with...
  2. Oh so it helps them hear the guy behind them better!
    Nope, still wrong Sarah
  3. That's a big ant hill
    That's the pitcher's mound Sarah
  4. HOME RUN!!!!!!
    That's a foul Sarah
  5. HOME RUN!!!!!
    He's walking to first base Sarah
  6. HOME RUN!!!!!
    He came from third base Sarah
  7. Where is he going?
    *actual home run*
  8. They all look constipated
    Probably too many sunflower seeds
  9. Why are their white pants so clean? Do they change them at intermission?
    This isn't a musical Sarah
  10. Baseball. Sponsored by Oxyclean
  11. Hey that guy was Stephanie Tanner's boyfriend on Fuller House
    Hunter Pence! Yes that's him!
  12. I wonder if they ever get bored and play soccer baseball instead
  13. He didn't steal the base he just ran away from it
    He didn't even try to pick it up
  14. Wow why do they even try to hit it if they can just walk to first base if they don't move?
  15. Why are we the bottom?
    I feel like Toronto is definitely the top in this relationship
  16. Are the bats scented?
    My bat would smell like cupcakes
  17. Is it over yet?
    It's only the first inning Sarah