All photos taken by yours truly
  1. CN Tower
    If you look closely you can actually see people standing outside the tower doing the edge walk.
  2. Static
  3. Old City Hall
  4. The Toronto Sign @ Nathan Phillips Square
    Prepare yourself for a lot of these in the future
  5. Static
    @ night
  6. Ripley's Aquarium
    Jellyfish are so pretty 😍
  7. Static
  8. Valley Halla Estate
    This is actually private property owned by the Toronto Zoo but it's so beautiful I had to sneak in and take pictures. Shh don't tell.
  9. Canada's Wonderland
    A little outside of Toronto but still a great place to visit
  10. Toronto Public Library
  11. Distillery District
    A national historic site of Canada. Beautiful place to walk around and explore. Filled with small shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  12. Static
    A cool looking building in the distillery district
  13. Balzac's Coffee
    One of the many cafes. They recently started selling coffee in ice cream cones. It looks cool but I can't see the coffee surviving very long in there!
  14. Mill St. Brew
    One of the breweries in the district.
  15. Static
    Another cool looking building I know nothing about 😂
  16. Molson Amphitheater
    Great concert venue. They actually just recently changed the name to Budweiser Stadium but I refuse to call it that.
  17. Honest Eds
    This is an old picture but I wanted to post it anyways because this was an iconic building in Toronto and they recently closed it and took the sign down.
  18. The worlds largest rubber duck
    Just came by for a quick visit on Canada Day weekend