My mother collects rocks that look like food. Some of them are a real stretch. S/o to @ceholden for the request.
  1. Bread
    46d47442 6c21 432d ac9a 57ff5880cce7
  2. Baked potato
    Fca657fa 22ac 4152 9e2f 13f6c93b4310
  3. Meat
    Bb2038b3 6e7b 4f84 8b0f 7a3341527119
  4. Stuffed olives
    34b57ba7 83f2 469b 9b1c 28a598a5005e
  5. Eggs
    7a090451 7575 481b b26c add787dd1cad
  6. Milano cookie
    Efc92954 b317 411c 82c3 44f445751e98
  7. Ritz cracker
    7f1b8f8f 6fee 4190 878e 5fe1856e9f54
  8. Pita pocket
  9. Oreo
    63eab287 a817 44f8 bd73 588c5f77c869
  10. Pear
    Aa1636d8 36ca 480e bf09 1dc2dab023ef
  11. Muffin
    6c84ea91 888a 49db b437 85e4aa04045f