I was so young that these are all written in my parents' handwriting. Dated between May 30, 1999 and October 5, 2000.
  1. This is the title page. Really draws the reader in.
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  2. A short story (less than a page) about an apple tree who gets made fun of by all the forest animals.
    The animals taunt him by saying, "Your apples are so very small, no one cares for them at all." They invite the apple tree to a tea party but it's a trick (no one is there). When the tree confronts them, they say, "We won't give you any tea because we don't want you to say, 'Wee wee wee!'" The apple tree shakes this off, saying, "If you won't give me any tea, I'll just go play hide and seek."
  3. How Sarah Learned to Swim Underwater
    A lot of these more memoir-y ones are written in the third person. First sentence: "First Sarah's mother took her to swim in her friend James' pool." Last sentence: "And that is how Sarah learned to swim under water."
  4. How Sarah Found Her First Treasure
    Once my mom and a bunch of my friends' moms buried a treasure (sea glass) and planted a map to it for us to find. First sentence: "This took place at the beach." Last sentence: "And that is how Sarah found her first treasure." In the early entries I was rly committed to this structure.
  5. How Sarah Found Her First Treasure Map In Her Own Yard
    More parent magic. First sentence: "She had already found one at the beach."
  6. How Sarah Made Her First Party All By Herself
    Evidently I invented a bunch of dumb games and made my parents and brother Reid play them. First sentence: "First Reid gave her the idea of doing this."
  7. The Trip to North Carolina - Special Things
    My whole (huge) extended fam lives in NC so we went there a lot when I was a kid. This is the only entry in my grandmother's handwriting. Most of it is a description of a crystal rock cave that we saw in some museum that had different colored lights on it. I was apparently VERY down.
  8. Good Things That Happened At the Beach
    Best part: "One day they went for a walk down the beach and they saw a dead baby sand shark washed up by the waves. You could easily see why it was dead, it had two bites in it."
  9. How We Made a Fort With Our Babysitter, Katie
    Best first sentence of my career easily: "First we got the TV cabinet doors sticking out and we hung a blanket over them and held that up with a basketball hoop and a high chair."
  10. The Blueberry Picnic at Donna's Farm
    Best sentence: "But I was lonely so Mama found three girls to play with."
  11. This poem about pirates:
    Ahoy, ahoy, my matey Sharp winds are starting to blow We must find a map and a treasure So we can be rich Yo ho ho
  12. This poem about identity and displacement ;)
    I had a little robin He lived in the sea But that bothered me 'Cause that's not where he's supposed to be I had a little fish He lived in the sky But that wasn't good 'Cause he didn't know how to fly The robin moved today He flew away He flew into the sky 'Cause he knew how to fly The fish moved today Back into the sea And I thought that was good 'Cause that's where he's supposed to be
  13. A poem about the months of the year
    It's an expanded version of "April showers bring May flowers" with all the months.
  14. A poem about fairies
  15. Not one but THREE farewell poems to my first grade Spanish teacher
  16. How Sarah Lost Her Tooth, The First One
    I took this rly poorly bc I was terrified of growing up!!!!!!
  17. A poem called "A Birthday Wish"
  18. A poem called "I Love the Trees, Allergies"
    An early foray into humor.
  19. A poem called "I Love the Flowers"
  20. A poem called "The Moon Is Bright"
    Another joke one. The last stanza is: The moon is bright The moon is bright It is day Oh no! There's too much light!
  21. A poem called "I'm Going Home From the Beach"
  22. A poem called "I Arrived at the Beach"
    Both this and the last rhyme beach with "peach"
  23. A poem called "I'm Being in a Wedding"
  24. A poem called "For Dara Swimming in the Olympics"
    Yes, that would be Dara Torres.
  25. A poem called "The Gnomes"
    Best part: The gnomes with their picks and shovels Pick the grounds for diamonds and emeralds The gnomes, cousins of the angels
  26. A poem called "Guardian Angels"
    This was a point in my life where I was taking the stuff I was hearing in church and integrating it seamlessly into my own pagan, fairy-heavy mythology. Ah, youth!