This is a coherent list of some top notch, bullshit costumes me and @Gimmethatfilletofish have created. Shown in chronological order to your liking.
  1. Siamese queers
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    The beginning of the end as we know it, circa 2007
  2. Average mafia gals
    Went underway as 'Vincent Paulino' and 'Gloria' while wearing striped braziers and oversized trench coats, in 7th grade mind you.
  3. Evil doctors
    Instead of being power rangers with Mackenzie Pautler in 8th grade... We rebelled that shit and threw on Dave Kraus's scrubs with teased hair and a stethoscope.
  4. Plumbers
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    'ER' day in high school, a homecoming tradition. @gimmethatfilletofiah actually mistaken for a dudes dad, who was a legitimate plumber, a compliment or an insult, I will surly never find out
  5. Dual cows
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  6. A musical ensemble
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    I am ashamed of my younger years... I suppose ..
  7. Christmas elves slugging vodka
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    Because why the hell not?
  8. Dirty ol gramps
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    A striking array of straw golf hats, wicker canes and hiked up suspenders.
  9. Hey fooooyballll heeead
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    Hey Arnold and his co captain Jerald, with a Halloween twist