This list isn't so much TV I watched with my parents, but rather TV my parents watched that I too was forced to watch. Having two single, independent, uncompromising parents meant that I was exposed to a lot of very adult things before I likely should have been. That being said, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
  1. The Sopranos
    I've been a nighthawk ever since I can remember, which growing up meant that I would impede on my parent's very much needed late-night alone time. My presence, of course, did not stop my mom from turning on her all-time favourite show. She always made me look away, but the sound was enough to get me hooked on Tony and his ducks at the age of 7.
  2. Jeopardy
    Despite the fact that my father (and my caretaker) could only ever correctly guess about 12% of the answers, he always turned on this game show (among others). I absolutely despised it back then, but now, at the age of 21, I'm actually able to impress my father, which always feels good.
  3. The News
    The second I could understand what was being said on the news, I remember thinking that the world had suddenly become a scary, terrible place. My mother had to reassure me that bad things always happened and that I was only just being able to understand it now. I think that was the moment I realized adulthood wasn't necessarily something to look forward to
  4. Just for Laughs Gags
    This show has its moments, but whenever I watched it with my dad all I could focus on was his ridiculously entertaining reactions. I don't think I've ever seen my dad laugh as hard as when he's watching French Canadian being pranked.