this ranking is whimsical, every song is a masterpiece
  1. 30.
    "Mr. Templeton"
    Just bring his medication
  2. 29.
    I am kidnapped and I wonder for how long
  3. 28.
    Trapper keeper, Snickers bar, my thermos hit the floor, broken knapsack
  4. 27.
    "Simple Things"
    To be able to get so much joy from simple things
  5. 26.
    "That's Her!"
    That's her!
  6. 25.
    "Heart So Proud"
    Lord keep him safe from the army, please
  7. 24.
    "Fart So Loud"
    Burritos always give me gas
  8. 23.
    Balls balls balls balls balls
  9. 22.
    Theme Song (1st Live Show edition)
    Because this is my gift to you our audience
  10. 21.
    Theme Song (2nd Live Show edition)
    Where pervs and liberals wanna destroy America
  11. 20.
    "It's Your Birth-D, Slut"
    Choke a cop with your panties
  12. 19.
    "Catching Crabs In Paradise"
    And yes I mean both kinds of crabs
  13. 18.
    "Don't Go To Bed With A Frown"
    Shoot it to the moon, you'll be feeling better soon
  14. 17.
    "Midnight Train To Georgia"
    It was an 11:45 and I was misinformed about the time
  15. 16.
    "Feelings Say How You Feel"
    Police— I killed a man. Son— Your father's dead. Wife— I've been to a whore.
  16. 15.
    "Mommy Kangaroo"
    Mommy kangaroo
  17. 14.
    "Cleveland, Hello"
    Chef Boyardee was born here, you know
  18. 13.
    "Paints and Brushes"
    Spent all weekend sweeping floors and cooking beans
  19. 12.
    Theme Song
    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
  20. 11.
    "It's Never Too Late For Now"
    For now
  21. 10.
    "Chunk of My Lung"
    You know you bought it if it makes you sweet food
  22. 9.
    "He Needs A Kidney"
    A hand would be an even harder thing to lend
  23. 8.
    "Make A Pizza"
    And make a pizza with what you've got
  24. 7.
    "Weekend Woman"
    Temperature's rising, she's gonna make you smile
  25. 6.
    "Tennis Night"
    Grab some buds and some brews, it's gonna be a fight
  26. 5.
    Jackie Jormp-Jomp's duet with Jimi Hendrickson at Woodstocks
    Some day there will be a black president
  27. 4.
    "My Single Is Dropping"
    And it's dropping
  28. 3.
    "Muffin Top"
    Everyone knows that the best part of the muffin is the top
  29. 2.
    "Night Cheese"
    I heard you singing "Night Cheese"
  30. 1.
    "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"
    Kooky hairy