The 70s had the best celebrity couples. Here are who should play them in the modern movies! These are my interests!
  1. Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini
  2. Played by Oscar Isaac
  3. And Rebecca Ferguson
    I've previously said Elisabeth Moss but I saw "The Girl on the Train" and was like she looks like Ingrid Bergman and therefore looks like Isabella Rossellini so here we are, congrats Rebecca you got the part
  4. Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould
  5. Ugh ok fine Lea Michele
    I mean like she's only been preparing her entire life for the role
  6. This is not just to indulge our founder and savior, but it legitimately just makes the most sense. Greenlight!
  7. Bianca and Mick Jagger
  8. Rosario Dawson
  9. And Harry Styles
    Accept that this is the choice I made and move on
  10. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
  11. Kate Hudson
  12. And Henry Cavill
    Throw a mustache on this guy
  13. Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio
    I feel like he's just waiting to play Jack Nicholson and his performance will be heavy handed as always but he'll probably get another Oscar for it
  15. And Anne Hathaway
    No one wants to watch this movie except me and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association oh well we'd love it
  16. Sonny and Cher
  17. This just feels right to me
  18. And Mila Kunis
    Cher drinks Jim Beam
  19. Ike and Tina Turner
  20. Oh wait they did us right on this one
  21. Anyway I'll probably do other decades bc this is all I think about!!!!!!