I know this is such a boring topic but I can't stop thinking about this dream!
  1. I won a contest to meet Hilary Duff and Matthew Gray Gubler
  2. And they came to my sister's apartment in the middle of the night and took selfies with us
  3. And then Hilary Duff left but Matthew Gray Gubler stuck around and went through all our stuff
  4. And then we were like, okay time for you to go. And I went to walk him out
  5. But then Hilary Duff had chained the door shut from the outside
  6. And Matthew Gray Gubler took out a knife and murdered us
  7. The end
  8. Anyway I'm thinking of making this into a short film, let's get a Kickstarter going
    It was scary and now I'm watching "It Follows" bc it just feels like the right thing to do for my current vibe