Sometimes a person makes 💯 flawless fashion choices, and once upon a time that was Drew Barrymore on the "Grey Gardens" circuit, circa 2009. She made surprising and delightful choices time after time after time after time. I think about all these looks so often.
  1. At the Golden Globes before it came out
    01/11/09. Gearing up for her GOAT season. My mom called this hair "Marilyn after a few drinks." We loved it. I love this.
  2. At the Grey Gardens premiere
    04/14/09. On brand af! An homage to the era that JUST isn't costumey. Pullin it off
  3. On Letterman
    04/15/09. So elegant and black is always great for TV.
  4. At the LA premiere
    04/16/09. The dress! The hair! The jewelry! Styling at its finest
  5. At the Toronto Film Festival
    9/13/09. That dress! That dip dye! Who else takes risks like this and still looks approachable? Killin it and having fun
  6. At the Emmys
    09/20/09. Summery and lovely, very Emmy appropriate.
  7. At the Golden Globes when she won
    01/17/10. A vision in nude. Dress was subtle but still a big statement which is perfect for a night you might win. And the hair and makeup complements it perfected. People hated this dress, they are bozos.
  8. At the SAG awards
    01/23/10. Understated like the event itself, but still playful. Rocking nude lips. Peplum before it was an overdone trend. So good.
  9. You killed it, Drew. 🏋