Music isn't my thing mostly but these are some of the albums that have been with me at different points in my life. My taste is not hip but most of these are still 💯
  1. Greatest Hits by Queen
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    The first music I remember listening to ever, it was a staple with my family in the car. "Killer Queen" was my favorite song and today it is still my favorite song.
  2. Spice by The Spice Girls
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    The first CD I ever owned, Baby Spice obsession ensued.
  3. The Writing's on the Wall by Destiny's Child
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    One of the first albums I remember liking to listen to all the way through, @calliegorman and I were obsessed. Brought me Beyoncé.
  4. Stunt by Barenaked Ladies
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    Another family favorite of car rides, I love all the songs on this still.
  5. Fly by Dixie Chicks
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    Remember listening to this and making up dances in my basement in middle school, I really loved this album and it holds up.
  6. Lemon Love by Aslyn
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    No one has heard of this but my mom got a copy of it at work from Vh1. I remember listening to it on repeat in Nantucket on the beach, I still really love it and gravitate toward it constantly.
  7. Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson
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    I really felt like this album was MY autobiography in middle school
  8. From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy
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    I was obsessed with Fall Out Boy and this marked the beginning of my "scene" years
  9. Awake is the New Sleep by Ben Lee
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    A favorite my freshman year of high school, this album is still perfect
  10. Little Voice by Sarah Bareilles
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    I remember telling my sister this album felt like all songs I would write, sophomore year of high school
  11. O by Damien Rice
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    My first foray into sad acoustic music, which is still a favorite of mine, this album represents my angsty teenage youth at its peak
  12. When the Pawn... by Fiona Apple
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    I discovered Fiona Apple on an iTunes whim in high school and she became my guiding musical light, still to this day I relate to and love no artist more.
  13. Graduation by Kanye West
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    When this came out it marked when I became truly obsessed with Kanye, and that hasn't wavered a day since. Junior year of high school
  14. The Stranger by Billy Joel
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    One of the first albums I really appreciated listening to from start to finish, then my mom told me she used to listen to the record in college and I love that.
  15. 21 by Adele
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    Listened to nonstop in sophomore year of college after my mom died, it was a much needed companion
  16. X by Kylie Minogue
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    Discovered my junior year in college when one of my professors would play it in our cool letterpress class. It's perfect and began my love affair with Kylie
  17. Channel Orange by Frank Ocean
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    Senior year in a nutshell, this album is just the best
  18. Days Are Gone by HAIM
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    Super into this right when I graduated college and moved to Chicago. I remember thinking it was the first time I'd been into a new band in forever. Love it
  19. Beyoncé by Beyoncé
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    Tears ran down my face when this came out. Beyoncé lives in my spirit and she released her opus. Still makes me emotional
  20. Tapestry by Carole King
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    Listened to this a lot over the last year, loved every minute of it.
  21. Hamilton Soundtrack
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    My life began when I first heard this, I don't think I need to listen to anymore new albums anymore. Sorry not sorry I won't shut up about it