I've been jammin on pcasts for literally 10 years and now I will share them with you
  1. This American Life
    My gateway drug. Always great. See this list by @sarakeats for the best of the best: FAVORITE THIS AMERICAN LIFE ACTS
  2. Serial
  3. Black Men Can't Jump (In Hollywood)
    Three black comedians review movies with black leads and evaluate how they help or hurt the cause. 💯
  4. Bitch Sesh
    Real Housewives recaps by Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider (creator of The Hotwives). Everything you want it to be.
  5. Best of Friends
    Episode by episode recaps of Friends by huge fans of the show. Nostalgic and super fun. (@erinmallorylong @jwoodham !!)
  6. Gilmore Guys
    Ditto above, but two guys talking about Gilmore Girls, one who has never seen the show before (@demi and @kevintporter !!)
  7. Rose Buddies
    Great Bachelor recaps, this is the end of my recap podcasts.
  8. Gastropod
    Food through the lens of science and history. Just started on this one and I love it
  9. The Great Debates
    Discovered through this app! There's nothing I love more than arguing about banal topics. Big fan. (@helytimes @davis !!)
  10. Women of the Hour
    A+ interviews and profiles of women from all different backgrounds. Important and highly listenable. I've thanked Lena enough times for this, but also never enough. Thank you @lenadunham
  11. Magic Lessons
    Elizabeth Gilbert guides a series of women through creative struggles with the help of her famous friends, so great and helpful
  12. Hidden Brain
    Psychology stuff. Really fun to listen to, I'm kind of in love with the host Shankar Vedantam
  13. You Look Nice Today
    Bits on bits on bits, just stream of consciousness bits. So funny. Oldie but goodie
  14. 99% Invisible
    Fascinating and enthralling design history, not just for designers!
  15. Judge John Hodgman
    John Hodgman settles everyday disputes, so great
  16. My Brother, My Brother, and Me
    Just three brothers chattin but so, so funny! Lin Manuel Miranda is a big fan if you didn't trust my endorsement
  17. Oh No! Ross and Carrie
    They investigate and take part in fringe spiritual groups and science. It's so interesting!!!
  18. Strangers
    Stories about people and how we are all strangers but all know each other. Very well done, from Lea Thau, founder of The Moth
  19. Invisibilia
    Stories about invisible stuff, some science some not. Love the two hosts, a nicely done podcast
  20. How Did This Get Made?
    The bad movie review podcast to end all bad movie review podcasts. So funny, I love everyone involved. (@PaulScheer )
  21. The Memory Palace
    Short, true stories, told absolutely beautifully
  22. Criminal
    True crime stories, I am so there
  23. Undisclosed
    Adnan Syed's family friend Rabia digs deeper into his case, totally changed my perspective on the whole thing, worth listening too if you're as obsessive as I am about things
  24. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
    The best pop culture interviews out there, by Jesse Thorn
  25. Jordan, Jesse, Go!
    The first comedy podcast I fell in love with, just two guys and a guest chatting with some recurring bits. It's just great
  26. Stop Podcasting Yourself
    The second comedy podcast I fell in love with, I remember listening to this during my summer spent dog walking (2008), and it's still great. Similar format as above
  27. Mystery Show
    @starlee solves random mysteries!! So good, I love the Jake Gyllenhaal and Britney Spears episodes. Ugh so good!