Inspired by myself
  1. I live on an estate in Newport, Rhode Island that used to be a haunted house like for tourists but is now condos.
    Also it's actually haunted, but only by horses
  2. I work with displaced sea otters
    I help otters who have been separated from their packs learn how to use their sophisticated rock tools to do data entry. It's really rewarding
  3. One of my biggest struggles is that no one takes me seriously because I am so hot
    It feels good to open up to you guys
  4. My full name is Sarah Michelle Gorman but I dropped the Michelle because Sarah Michelle Gellar really ruined it for me
    But my family still calls me Sarah Michelle
  5. I know this is SO weird, but I like LOVE Fall
    It's weirdly my favorite season? Weird!!!
  6. I was the bassist in Skeleton Crew, the band that beat Beyonce on Star Search
  7. Fred Willard is my grand nephew (by marriage)
  8. I dated Mario Lopez in the 90's
    Can you say NEEDY? Haha lol we're still friends though, he's a good guy.
  9. The SNL character Dieter was based on my dad
    He's from Germany and met Mike Myers on a plane once, the rest was history. But it's kind of a sore spot for our family
  10. I won an Oscar in 2006 for Best Supporting Actor in "Syriana"
    What a fun project!
  11. I sold a pilot to NBC that didn't end up getting picked up for a full season because it was deemed "too provocative for America"
    It was called "Get a Grip," about a secret sex party ring led by a ragtag group of Key Grips from the film industry. Jerry O'Connell was attached
  12. I have twelve marble busts of myself
    Artists just keep giving them to me because they "feel inspired by my face" ??? Haha idk, you guys relate I'm sure
  13. I invented the wave
    Like that thing you do at games. I was stretching once and everyone just followed??
  14. I found Elizabeth Smart
    So weird, such a random coincidence! Right place right time I guess!
  15. Anyway I'm pretty normal!
    Lol sorry if this is so boring