one time i got drunk and ate all of @sarakeats teddy grahams bc i just couldn't resist this lil tums
  1. Teddy Grahams have dope ass tummies
    Look at those tums!
  2. Most bears you see don't have round little bellies with belly buttons
    But Teddy Grahams do, and I appreciate that
  3. At some point, a Teddy Graham designer said, "Hey these guys should have little tummies because tummies are adorable and great."
    And they were right!
  4. And even the crotchety corporate fat cats at Nabisco were like, "Hear hear! All hail tummies!"
  5. And now kids and adults can enjoy Teddy Grahams and their little tummies
    And just be delighted as they admire Teddy Graham tummies and then put Teddy Grahams into their tummies (this is also kind of macabre which is not unnoticed and appreciated)
  6. What I'm saying is, Teddy Grahams are the body pos snack food America doesn't deserve and we should bow to them