i am good at a lot of things but i am da vinci level genius at the following:
  1. Untangling necklaces that are all knotted together
    the only thing for which i can say i'm maybe the best in the world, in the world!!! i am so good at this for no reason!! truly gifted from the universe with this, can't explain how i do it
  2. Peeling oranges
  3. Parallel parking
    but terrible at all other driving
  4. Knowing the name of that celebrity you can't remember
  5. Making 15 minutes of work look like 3 hours of work
  6. Making 3 hours of work look like 15 minutes of work
    for when you want keep the vibe casual
  7. Naming all the state capitals
  8. Kanye West scholarship and analysis
  9. Attracting and interacting with dogs
  10. Lobster, cracking and consumption