Not sure if you knew but Ariana Grande's life is truly spooktacular
  1. First things first, she was visited by demons when driving by Skull Cemetery in Kansas City
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    It's known as the gates of Hell on Earth and the pope won't fly over it according to Ariana. She felt sick and smelled sulfur. There was a fly in the car which is a sign of a demon, duh!!
  2. She rolled down the window to apologize to the demons
    Demons are way into manners
  3. Then she took a picture and saw the demons in it!!
    There were three distinct faces in the picture and she described them as "textbook demons." Duhh we all know what that looks like!! Textbook.
  4. The next day she tried to send the file but it was 666 MEGABYTES!!
    Which I guess meant she couldn't send it to anyone? She put it in a folder called "Demons" (obv) but then weird things started happening to her so she deleted it. Textbook demons!!
  5. One of the weird things was that she was visited by a "black mass"
    She was going to sleep, heard a rumble, and then heard whispers. She closed her eyes and saw red shapes. Then she moved to the left side of her bed bc that's where she got the best cell service (obv) and she saw the black mass in her room!! Textbook demons!!!
  6. She decided to just stay chill cause it feeds off fear
    Textbook black mass!! She watched it move, fell asleep, and then it was gone. The power of the chill is strong!!
  7. Also when Ariana was a kid she once tied up and blindfolded her babysitter
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  8. When she was 3 she was obsessed with horror movies and had a 'Jaws' themed birthday party
    All her friends left, crying. Textbook three year olds!!
  9. One of her idols was Freddy Kruger
    She always wanted to wear a Freddy Kruger mask or skeleton face paint and carried around a hockey stick to be like Jason
  10. Her mom thought she was going to grow up to be a serial killer
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    There's still time!!
  11. One Halloween when she was a little kid her mom smeared blood all over the walls in their house and said O.J. did it.
    The whole family thought it was hilarious!! Textbook humorous moment!!!
  12. Basically she is the gold standard for a spooktacular life and we all need to get on her level this Halloween
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