I'm always coming across cool artwork that I save to Pinterest and Tumblr but I wanted to share some of the highlights here as well. I'd love to see stuff the kewl crowd here on The List App have found and loved too!
  1. Julie Mehretu
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  2. Crayola Theory by Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee
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  3. Beth Hoeckel
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  4. Selma Alaçam's Fiona Apple lyrics woven into Turkish rugs
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  5. Lei Xue "Porcelain Rubbish"
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  6. David Brandon Geeting for Natalie Pavlovi's "Nails"
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  7. Break-Up Texts by Allison Wade
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  8. Lenticular paintings by Rafael Rozendaal
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  9. Noé Sendas
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  10. Jarek Puzcel paintings
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  11. Jesse Draxler
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  12. More texting art by Desire Obtain Cherish
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  13. Laura Callaghan "Dante's Inferno" series
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  14. Rachel Denti "Everyday Thoughts On Everyday Things"
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  15. Vasya Kolotusha, "Lights"
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  16. "Bird Rib" series by Maurizio Bongiovanni
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  17. Food patterns by Alice Pattulo
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  18. "Disappearing Acts" by Eugenia Loli
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