If you're like me, your heart is broken over the tragedies in Paris, and you want to honor the city the way you know best, through the screen. These are some movies to help celebrate Paris and honor those we lost by standing by them and reveling in the magic and joy of the city that will prevail. Keep Paris in your thoughts and hearts.
  1. Paris, Je T'Aime
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  2. Amelie
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  3. Midnight in Paris
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  4. An American in Paris
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  5. Before Sunset
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  6. Charade
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  7. Funny Face
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  8. Gigi
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  9. Ratatouille
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  10. The Aristocats
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  11. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
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  12. Hugo
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  13. Moulin Rouge
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  14. Breathless
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  15. Casablanca
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