Girls wrapped filming this morning!! I will miss you but thank you for all you've given us @lenadunham @jennikonner ladies
  1. S1E3 All Adventurous Women Do
    This is when we meet Elijah so it's obviously the best, but the Dancing on My Own sequence is just so iconic, something my daughters will even know I hope, like Carrie Bradshaw and her pink tutu. It's the realest, most lovely moment of friendship.
  2. S2E4 It's a Shame About Ray
    She is a grown up that's why she cooked all this food! Also features Marnie getting called out by Charlie's new girlfriend for asking to sleep in his bed, which still stings me. And of course, Hannah and Jessa in the tub together being so sweet and inimate and sad. Plus Hannah sings Wonderwall.
  3. S3E7 Beach House
    For the dance sequence alone, but also for the confrontation. And the morning after the confrontation. And Marnie's obsessive concerns with Instagram. Beautiful.
  4. S4E5 Sit-In
    Hannah returns from Iowa in true Hannah fashion and her life is in pieces. The scene with Hannah and Adam at the end is clobbering. Also Mimi-Rose is amazing.
  5. S5E6 The Panic in Central Park
    Marnie runs into Charlie and they have the dreamiest New York day together, then Charlie breaks our hearts. The most beautiful. I wept. S5E9 Love Stories is a close second, would've been number one any other season.
  6. S6E3 "American Bitch"
    The best episode of the series (Panic in Central Park is close though) and probably the best episode of television of the year. This is the piece de resistance. Season 6 was all so beautiful though. RIP Girls I'll miss you!!