Your guests are arriving soon and you just have an acid yellow sludge dripping all over the sides of your pan into all the crevices of your stovetop, this is a disaster CAN U SAVE IT?? Let Yeezus be your guide
  1. "Black Skinhead"
    Just scream whenever he screams and it's like you're just singing along hahaha EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL
  2. "Can't Tell Me Nothing"
    You ARE an adult, you ARE capable, you AREN'T a loser!!! Can't tell me nothing DAD
  3. "Stronger"
    Okay motivation time!!!! You got this girl!! Maybe you can fix things if you add some flour??? That's a thing right?
  4. "Power"
    NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT FLOUR. Yeah the flour made things way worse, good one.
  5. "RoboCop"
    Okay turning to this generally underrated Kanye song to make yourself feel a little better. Maybe if you taste it it won't be that bad?
  6. "Jesus Walks"
    It's worse than you thought. Inedible. Flour????? Honestly, this is why people don't trust you with stuff! WHY CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING? Ur at war with yourself
  7. "Lost in the World"
    This is for the part when you slide down to the kitchen floor, hug your knees, and weep, as the sludge still boils on your stove
  8. "Ultralight Beam"
    This is a God dream. U r at peace and order a pizza, u tried