Inspired by @xtineengels list on book covers!
  1. La La Land
    Damn near perfect
  2. Star Trek: Beyond
    Intrigue!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see this I don't need to know who's in it or what it even is
  3. Moonlight
    So beautiful,,, those colors!
  4. Finding Dory
    Can u tell that I like thoughtful minimalism?
  5. Anomalisa
    V pretty
  6. Zootopia
    Idk I just want to go there and I love Zootopia
  7. Love the handwritten text and feel it is appropriate here unlike many other contexts!!!
  8. Ghostbusters
    That logo is so good like it's hilarious but amazing
  9. The Purge: Election Year
    Okay The Purge I see you, this is cute
  10. Pete's Dragon
    Just plain pretty and magical
  11. Jackie
    Even thoooooooo I wish she was wearing the blood stained suit, not everyone is as crass and tasteless as me. The use of her signature intertwining with her and the monochrome red is so nice. This one seems simple but there are layers here
  12. Patriots Day
    Surprisingly very well done, I get it okay
  13. Queen of Katwe
    Such beautiful illustrations!
  14. Amanda Knox
    It's all in her eyes!!
  15. The Birth of a Nation
    Questionable as the movie's creator may be, this poster is pretty stunning
  16. The Lobster
    Actually perfect. Says so much with so little. You win! The best.