Oh the places you'll go, for being sad
  1. Starbucks Bathroom, North and Wells
    This Starbucks is open 24 hrs so you can cry here ANY TIME! The employees don't give a fuck so you don't even have to buy a sad drink to use it, they won't notice. It's a spacious single stall! But it's not that clean and kind of gross, best for short term cries in a pinch.
  2. Harold Washington Library
    There's lots of nooks and crannies and it's not crowded on weekends. Plus if you're crying people will probably assume you're a stressed out student
  3. Landmark Century Cinemas
    This movie theater is vast and empty, much like your heart. Always showing indie flicks that are sure to make you cry and never crowded. I saw "Amy" here in a theater by myself and it was the best cry I've had in years. You do have to pay see movies here but if you'd rather you can just wander around the abandoned mall that encases it, it looks like a scene from Dawn of the Dead and the scattered few wouldn't question your tears.
  4. Navy Pier, inside in front of the Michael Jordan stained glass
    This place is weird and empty and filled with tourists, so who cares if they see you cry. Plus the light shining through Michael Jordan's face is comforting
  5. The steps behind The Chicago History Museum
    A beautiful, grassy view that doesn't get too crowded. Plus you can pretend like you were just so moved by Chicago's history. Sit on those marble steps and let the tears flow!
  6. The viewing room under the Sea Lion tank at Lincoln Park Zoo
    Make sure you go on a day that isn't too crowded, but there's nothing better to share your tears with than a calming glass enclosure of water with friendly sea lions by your side.