@PureWow's subject line game is strong and deserves recognition. These have profoundly shaped my lifestyle. They are my lifestyle! Lifestyle. Life. Style.
  1. Shaq loves art
  2. Kiss me! I made garlic paste!
  3. Stop showing me coats. I live in Hawaii.
  4. This calls for heavy cream
  5. The Backstreet Boys of fashion decisions
  6. Enough with the TED Talks
  7. Get your robot to nudge your husband
  8. When you're down for eating a jack-o'-lantern
  9. You're telling me my Crock-Pot can do what?
  10. Next-level flour has arrived
  11. Have your jack-o'-lantern and eat it too
  12. Golf is the new bowling
  13. Charge your phone by moving your butt
  14. How the heck do you cut up squash?
  15. A cat that tells you what to wear
  16. Wouldn't it be great if cupcakes frosted themselves?
  17. You need a hobby
  18. It's wreath season, people!
  19. Requiem for a Juicy Couture tracksuit
  20. Dear Yelp: You're terrible.
  21. Who needs a real family, anyway?
  22. Everyone will want to sleep with you
  23. You and Madonna have so much in common
  24. Your walls called. They're bored.
  25. You're too fabulous to shovel snow
  26. Empty walls are sad walls
  27. Oops, I bought something huge on Craigslist
  28. Hey, remember that naked guy D'Angelo?
  29. It's like Gatorade, but for your face
  30. Even the kid next to you thinks you're a mess
  31. Does anyone know CPR? Our blush needs resuscitation.
  32. Did you wash the back of your neck?
  33. Calories don't count when they're on your face
  34. Never buy a boat
  35. It's good enough for Katie Holmes
  36. Visible panty lines are a national epidemic
  37. Everything you wanted to know about lettuce
  38. Your adult sticker collection
  39. Yes, it's safe to go to Rwanda
  40. Breast milk facial. You heard us.
  41. Put your bra in the salad spinner
  42. Stop trying to make green bananas happen
  43. Think before you post that doughnut
  44. Please, not another barbecue
  45. Hand-washing is for chumps
  46. Did you know you can tan while you shower?
  47. You're one hairbrush away from looking (more) like SJP
  48. Can Pinterest make you a better person?
  49. You know what they say about a woman's wrist size
  50. Manicure anxiety is real, people
  51. Um, are you still using the dumb oven?
  52. Um, can I really wear flares?
  53. Your sanity called, and it misses you
  54. P.S.A.: Nutella calzones exist
  55. British baby names are so last year
  56. We need to talk about your scarf
  57. How much would you pay for dead leaves?
  58. Think outside the lox
  59. Are flavored Tootsie Rolls the worst idea ever?